RED Micro Wire’s unique wire manufacturing technology produces superior quality bonding wires that are more cost-effective than any other wires currently on the market.
RMW's revolutionary technology offers significant cost reduction and improved performance over traditional wire bonding materials. Using our proprietary technology, wire is produced with an insulating glass coating. 
Unlike traditional wires, RED micro wires are cast, not drawn. This enables the production of a soft metal core with a high strength, ultra fine glass coating. RMW’s innovative control over core and glass coating enables unmatched synergetic efficiency.



  • No oxidation:
    RMW glass coating solution protects the copper from environmental effects
    Very long shelf life - measured in years.
  • No shorts:
    Packing yeild improvement.
    Technology effects design cost – denser pads, denser wires, shorter loops, faster bonding process.


  • Wire of the Future: RMW technology can scale wire down to the 4 micron diameter

Operational Advantages:

  • Softness - reduced pad cracking
  • Superior bondability
  • Improved efficiency for customers due to multi-layer wire spools - less spool replacement steps during bonding with 10km spool size
  • Improved uniformity: dimension, shape and structure


  • Most price competitive solution for the mass market:
    Significant cost reduction compared to Pd-coated copper,
    Stable material cost - unlike Au and Pd


...the industry should be very excited by the company's glass insulated bonding wire.
Joanne Itow, analyst, Semico Research Corp


RMW - Wire of the Future

RED Micro Wire, in accordance to research and industry needs and demands has created a technology roadmap that leads the market.
RMW is geared for continuous innovation, technology improvements, and superior products. We believe that RMW wire will be adopted as the new industry standard.

Please contact us if you would like any more information on our technology.