RMW’s glass coated copper bonding wire

Copper bonding wires are currently the industry choice as an alternative to gold wires.

Copper has high electrical conductivity when compared to gold (or aluminum). As a result better heat dissipation and increased power ratings are attainable with thinner wire diameters. Copper possesses higher mechanical properties compared to gold, enabling excellent ball neck strength and high loop stability. They are strong, with high tensile strength. Copper wires are used for both ball and wedge bonding when using a protective forming gas. Copper has good intermetallic stability which contributes, over time, to the bond reliability. 

Alongside the many benefits of copper wires, the inherent characteristics of the material also create many challenges semiconductor manufacturers struggle with when handling copper micro wires.

RED micro wires encapsulate all the benefits of copper wire while eliminating the problems that occur with other forms of copper bonding wires.

RED copper wires are composite wires with a soft metal core and an ultra fine, insulating glass coating that prevents oxidization and adds years to the shelf life in a room environment.

RMW’s innovative technology produces wires that are high quality with improved uniformity - dimension, shape and structure.

RMW technology enables significant cost reduction in comparison with Pd-coated copper. RMW produces wires with a stable material cost - unlike Au and Pd. The technology has a positive effect on design costs, enabling the production of denser pads, denser wires, and shorter loops which allows a faster, more efficient bonding process. Packaging yield is significantly improved and shorts free due to RMW’s unique glass insulation.

Customers using RED micro wires experience improvements in materials management and operational advantages. Continuous production methodology reduces batch production. Customers experience improved efficiency due to multi-layer wire spools - less spool replacement steps during bonding with 10km spool size.

RMW copper wires are ultra fine. RMW can produce wires in any diameter down to 4 micron.

RMW Advanced Wire Properties 

RED Micro Wire produces wire with advanced properties, inherent benefits and unmatched usability. 

I've worked with RED micro-wire Cu wire dimensions 19um core diameter and 22um total diameter.
It is easily used in the bonder, easily bonds and nice to work with...

The wire is strong, stiff and flexible to create high span and low span loops for both wedge wedge mode and ball bonding.

Lea Avraham, Bonding Expert, Kulicke & Soffa