RED Silver wire

In development - 
RED Silver: RMW's glass coated silver bonding wire

In the search to minimize costs while retaining quality, some industry sectors have begun to substitute the traditional gold bonding wire with silver Ag wire.Compared to gold wire, which is currently the main type used for semiconductors and light emitting diodes (LED), by transitioning to silver noble metal bullion costs can be reduced by approximately 80% while retaining similar levels of productivity and long-term reliability as gold wire. The resulting properties are different from conventional gold wires and therefore the applicability of these wires is not universal.
Silver is known to have the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals. Although silver material is less expensive than gold, silver easily becomes sulfurized and has a problem in durability which can make reliability assurance challenging in application that utilize Ag wire.

New development: RED Micro Wire's RED Silver – glass coated Ag wire.

RED Silver is produced via RMW proprietary technology, granting the wire inherent RMW benefits – improving on standard Ag characteristics and overcoming known challenges with standard Ag wire.

Ag wire is lower iRED Silver - new wire by RMWn cost than gold and lower in hardness compared to copper, with better light reflectivity. RED Silver wire is "golden" in hardness i.e. lower in hardness than the typical Ag wire (due to the RMW casting process) and close to the softness of Au wire. Like gold wire, RED Silver's softness makes the wire easy to work with, improving bonding and reducing pad cracking.

The RMW manufacturing process keeps costs low making RED Silver a good, cost efficient choice on applications that would normally using silver or desire to transition from gold to silver without losing on quality.  

RED Silver is a composite wire with an Ag core and a fine glass coating. The glass provides chemical and electrical insulation which prevents sulfurization as well as electrical short circuits should wires touch. This unique RMW wire characteristic greatly enhances product reliability, improving usability as well as materials management. RED Silver is highly scalable. RMW can produce wires in any diameter, down to 4 micron.


Datasheet: RED Silver: New Ag Wire by RMW