RED Micro Wire Products - Introduction

RED micro wires bring to the bonding process high conductivity, stable mechanical properties, creating highly reliable bonding joints with improved
mechanical properties and subsequently improved performance.

RED Micro Wire - glass coated micro bonding wire

RED micro wires, in comparison to other bonding wires have:

  • added efficiency
  • improved operational advantages
  • significant improvements in material management
  • are more cost efficient than any other wire currently on the market

RED technology enables production of micro wires with unparalleled characteristics and capabilities. 


RED micro wires are insulated, composite wires made of a soft metal core and a high strength, ultra fine glass coating. RED wires are the ultimate in geometrical accuracy. The production process enables controlled solidification, creating a homogeneous alloy with an isotropic microstructure. The metal core is soft and the wire is deformation free. RMW’s innovative coating method is highly controlled and extremely accurate. The synergy between the coating and the soft core creates unmatched efficiency.

RMW’s wire insulation dramatically improves material management in comparison to other types of bonding wires. RMW insulation protects the wire from problematic environmental effects, extends shelf life in room conditions significantly and prevents shorts in the bonding process.

We believe RED Micro Wire is opening new possibilities for applications in the wire bonding feild.
Franz Hickmann, Managing Director TPT

Our Products:

RED Copper wire – now available 

In development:

  • Gold wire
  • Silver wire
  • Platinum wire