A New Definition of Micro Wire

RED Micro Wire is REDefining the traditional, conservative field of wire bonding with a new, innovative product that might just change everything…

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got

The semiconductor industry is very conservative and although there are constant innovations on the front end, innovations in the packaging and assembly of silicon chips are rare.

Gold has long been the standard for wire bonding. Mechanical benefits and high reliability have been the main justification for upholding the "gold standard". The rising cost of gold has put pressure on the industry to find an alternative.

Copper has become a reasonable compromise, superior in some characteristics to gold and most importantly – significantly cheaper – the industry is transitioning to use of the Cu wire. This solution however is not entirely satisfactory: Cu presents some challenges that complicate materials management and chip production.

Both however have limitations when it comes to enabling the next generation of chips in their ability to scale and in their ability to easily support the increasing complexity of the chips required in today’s consumer devices.

In other words – the industry is searching for a new solution, something that transcends the traditional materials used in wire bonding, a solution that provides best quality at best cost and is relatively simple to use.

A paradigm shift: going beyond raw material

RED Micro Wire provides a paradigm shift for the industry – to date bonding wire was raw material, made from metals. The results of the different options, their characteristics and costs are known – CuPd and even gold plated CuPd are being tried but the demand is for something different. Something better.

RED Copper wire is more than "just" wire. RMW has evolved wire bonding, in a unique method that goes beyond the capabilities of the traditional metals used – RMW has created composite bonding material – micro wire with a fine glass coating and a soft copper core - that provides the reliability of gold at the price of copper and overcomes the limitations of both.

Enabling production of better silicon chips

RED offers a bonding solution that meets all the current requirements for bonding wire but in a format that enables the category of wire bonding to move from a tactical tool to an enabler of new devices. The composite solution provide by RMW has   a unique synergetic effect that enables wire bonding to jump a class: if bonding wire was once a necessary building block in chip design and production, RED Copper wire is a facilitator enabling more freedom in chip design, creating higher reliability at lower cost, revolutionizing the production process and ultimately bringing better products to the consumer market.

From now on, bonding wire is more than "just wire"

The question for chip manufacturers will no longer ask be: "What kind of metal is your wire made from?" but "What will your wire do for me?"