About us

RED Micro Wire (RMW) is a pioneer in the semiconductor industry, introducing a breakthrough technology in micro wire production that, we believe, will be adopted as the newest industry standard.

RMW has developed and is now beginning to manufacture glass coated bonding wires. RMW’s revolutionary new technology produces high quality bonding wire at lower cost than any other solution currently available on the market. Read about RMW’s unique technology here.

RED Micro Wire is currently geared towards the production of glass coated copper micro wires for the semiconductor industry. The technology can be used to create wires with other types of metal cores (including Cu, Au, Ag,) and can be used in applications outside, as well as within the semiconductor industry.

RED Micro Wire is a subsidiary of RED Equipment, a market leader in providing secondary equipment for the semiconductor industry. RED Micro Wire is a Singapore registered company uniquely positioned to serve the semiconductor market.