REDefining the Semiconductor Industry

RED Micro Wire
RED Micro Wire - micro bonding wire for the semiconductor industry

RED Micro Wire is a Red Herring WinnerRED Micro Wire (RMW) is a pioneer in the semiconductor industry, introducing a breakthrough technology in micro wire production that, we believe, will be adopted as the newest industry standard.

RED Micro Wire’s unique wire manufacturing technology produces superior quality bonding wires that are more cost-effective than any other wires currently on the market.

RED micro wires encapsulate all the benefits of copper wire while eliminating the problems that occur with other forms of copper bonding wires.

RMW's revolutionary technology offers significant cost reduction and improved performance over traditional wire bonding materials. Using our proprietary technology we produce wire with a soft metal core and a high strength, ultra fine glass coating. RMW’s innovative control over core and glass coating enables unmatched synergetic efficiency.

RED Micro Wire is REDefining the traditional, conservative field of wire bonding. Read how RMW goes beyond raw material 


RED Micro Wire is a subsidiary of RED Equipment, a market leader in providing secondary equipment for the semiconductor industry. RMW is a Singapore registered company uniquely positioned to serve the semiconductor market


NEW: RMW develops RED Silver wire

RED Silver is a unique RMW wire – comprised of a soft Ag core and fine glass coating.

Particularly suited for LED applications

RED Silver grants the benefits that would normally lead to the choice of Ag wire for an application, amplified by the inherent RMW wire characteristics that make the composite wire the superior choice.

RED Silver is:

  • "Golden" – lower in hardness than typical Ag wire
  • Lower in cost
  • Insulated
  • High in reliability and usability
  • does not use forming gas


Read more about RED Silver on the RED Silver Wire product page.